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“I chose Thinkful with an ambitious goal in mind: be able to build my own platforms, frontend and back. First with the Frontend course and then Node, I worked with two dedicated Thinkful mentors who accelerated my learning greatly. The project-driven curriculum and best practices mentorship is an invaluable combination that got me to my goal at a fraction of the cost of a full-time bootcamp. I recommend Thinkful to anyone seriously interested in learning to code.”

Spyros Karidis, Marketing Coordinator, Noodle
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Node.js is the perfect skill to unlock incredible career opportunities for software developers. Tech companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Ebay, and many more have all made the switch. Now you can be a part of it. This course is a great choice if you'd like to apply your knowledge of JavaScript to conquer real-time, full stack web apps. It's the perfect follow-up to our Frontend Web Development course with five projects covering MongoDB, Socket.io, Express, Git, and TDD.

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1-on-1 mentorship

Work with an experienced Node developer to learn best practices, get feedback on your work, and fix difficult bugs.

Project-based curriculum

Learn by building interactive websites and apps including a real-time chatroom with a collaborative drawing pad.

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Join 40+ hours of Workshops and Q&A sessions every week. You'll have unlimited access as a Thinkful student.

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Chat with other students, mentors, and alumni on Slack to get help instantly and learn best practices.

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Meet your mentor, access the curriculum, and join a community of 3000+ students and mentors on Slack. At Thinkful, the relationships you form with your mentor and peers help you learn faster.

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Read less and build more. Each course is focused around projects to emulate real work and increase memory retention. And if you get stuck, ask your mentor or jump into daily Q&A Session.

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Every Thinkful course is self-paced so there's no need to quit your job. Typically, students finish the Node course in 3 months with advanced projects in their portfolio. All graduates receive lifetime access to the course curriculum.

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Unit 1 - Zero to JavaScript

Concepts covered

Installing Node, Node Package Manager, JavaScript, data types, variables, functions, scope

Project(s) you'll build

  • Meal Calculator. Run through a quick recap of JavaScript's syntax and structure, paying particular attention to everyone's favorite parts of the language: scoping and prototypes. This short project will make sure that your JavaScript skills are sharp enough to let you move on to Node.

Unit 2 - Web apps in Node.js principles

Concepts covered

Express, requests and responses, client/server, CRUD, REST, routes, testing, deployment

Project(s) you'll build

  • Write an HTTP Echo Server. You will be introduced to Node.js, focusing mainly on the Express microframework. You will create a simple server, looking at how Node deals with request and response objects. Then you will put this knowledge to use, creating an HTTP echo server to allow you to explore HTTP requests in more detail.
  • Shopping List API. You will learn about CRUD operations, RESTful APIs, and begin developing a shopping list application.
  • Adding Tests to your API. We'll introduce you to Mocha, which is a commonly-used testing framework for Node.js. Then you'll take a look at Chai, a library to help you build clean, easy to read tests. Finally you'll use Mocha and Chai in tandem to add a complete test suite to your shopping list application.

Unit 3 - Persistence using MongoDB

Concepts covered

MongoDB, NoSQL, Mongoose, persistence, domain podelling

Project(s) you'll build

  • Persistent Shopping List. Update your shopping list app to use MongoDB for storing the list of items. You will understand how to use a database in the context of a web application. Along the way you will be updating and improving the structure of your code to provide a solid base for further developments.

Unit 4 - Streams and Asynchronous IO

Concepts covered

Streams, asynchronous IO, parallelization, callback pattern, observer pattern

Project(s) you'll build

  • Spotify API. In this unit you will learn about two key architectural ideas used in Node: streams and asynchronous IO. You will bring these together to begin creating an application for recommending music using the Spotify API. You will then learn how to perform async control flow when performing parallel IO and use this to create a parallelized web application for recommending music with the Spotify API.

Unit 5 - Node.js in real-time

Concepts covered

Real-Time Web, web sockets, Socket.IO, collaboration

Project(s) you'll build

  • Socket.io chatroom. You'll begin by understanding some of the challenges of creating real-time apps, and learn about some of the solutions which are available to help make your app highly responsive. Next you will work on creating a simple chatroom using Socket.IO, an engine for creating real-time web applications. You will have something which covers most of the main features of Slack.
  • Pictionary. Next, you'll apply your Socket.IO skills to a more advanced project. You'll start by creating a collaborative drawing pad, where one person drawing on a canvas can be seen by everyone else. Next you will add a feature which allows players to make guesses which will be broadcast to each player. Finally you will be challenged to add some finishing touches which will make the game more interactive, and improve the playing experience.
  • Capstone Project. In the final lesson, you will devise and architect your capstone project, build a first version, get feedback, and refactor a second version based on the feedback. All with the help of your mentor.
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