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“The best part of Thinkful is the individual mentoring. Your mentor will help you get through the problems that would otherwise be difficult to surmount on your own. As awesome as the Internet is as a source of information, the people there don't necessarily care about telling you how to do this thing in the obscure context that only you need to do. Your mentor does care about that and can help you through. The mentor allows the course to be tailored instead of shoving you through a rigid curriculum handed down from above.”

Devon Campbell, Python Engineer, Radworks
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Python Course: Learn Python Online with a Mentor
The best way to learn Python online. Work one-on-one with a mentor who reviews your code and teaches you best practices.
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  • Meet with an experienced Python developer every week for 45 minutes over video chat who will keep you motivated and help you learn faster
  • Gain real-world experience from working with databases and building full stack apps
  • Customize your learning path with your mentor based on your career goals and learning style
  • Study from anywhere in the world at your own pace. On average, students finish the coursework in 3 months after studying 10-15 hours a week

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The most popular language taught in colleges
Build full stack apps in Python

Meet the language of choice across statistics, finance, web development, and general scripting. In 2014, Python surpassed Java as the most popular introductory programming language at top-ranked university computer science departments. In this course, you'll build entire web apps in Python using the Flask framework while learning object-oriented programming, test-driven development (TDD), and how to host your work on Heroku. You’ll gain valuable hands-on development experience and graduate with strong additions to your portfolio.

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Life as a Thinkful student

1-on-1 mentorship

Work with an experienced Python developer to learn best practices, get feedback on your work, and fix difficult bugs in your code.

Project-based curriculum

Learn by building full stack web apps including an Auction site, 'Blogful,' and 'Tuneful'.

Group sessions

Join 40+ hours of Workshops and Q&A sessions every week. You'll have unlimited access as a Thinkful student.

Active community

Chat with other students, mentors, and alumni on Slack to get help instantly and learn best practices.

Your first day

Meet your mentor, access the curriculum, and join a community of 3000+ students and mentors on Slack. At Thinkful, the relationships you form with your mentor and peers help you learn faster.

During the course

Read less and build more. Each course is focused around projects to emulate real work and increase memory retention. And if you get stuck, ask your mentor or jump into daily Q&A Session.

Graduate on your schedule

Every Thinkful course is self-paced so there's no need to quit your job. Typically, students finish the Python course in 3 months with advanced projects in their portfolio. All graduates receive lifetime access to the course curriculum.

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Unit 1 - Programming basics in Python 3

Concepts covered

Data Types, collections, control Flow, functions, object oriented programming

Project(s) you'll build

  • FizzBuzz. Bring together your knowledge of Python data types and control flow to build a Fizz Buzz app from scratch.
  • Pirate Bartender. To demonstrate your mastery of functions you’ll create a bartending app. This virtual bartender will invent a new and delicious cocktail based on a few questions you and your friends can answer.
  • Model the Bicycle Industry. You'll use your budding knowledge of Python classes and object oriented programming to create a simplified model of the bicycle industry.

Unit 2 - Working with databases

Concepts covered

Persistence, SQL, CRUD (create, read, update, delete), ORMs (object-relational mappers), database relationships

Project(s) you'll build

  • Snippets App. Learn basic database operations as you code a simple command line application that stores and retrieves snippets of text. This app will be useful for saving notes about Python as you work through the course.
  • Model an Auction Site. Building the database layer for the world's second most popular auction site, TBay. You will create users, have them put items up for auction, and place bids to try to win the items which are up for sale. You will learn SQLAlchemy, a module which is designed to bridge the gap between Python and SQL. You'll write Python classes and create instances of those classes.

Unit 3 - Deploying Flask apps on Heroku

Concepts covered

Client/server relationships, HTTP requests and responses, templating, deployment, authentication, continuous integration

Project(s) you'll build

  • About Me Page. Dive into HTML and CSS by building your first website, learning essential concepts along the way.
  • Building Blogful. In this lesson, you'll build a blogging application from scratch in Flask. You’ll learn about web application development and architecture. Next you'll, extend your blogging application as you build a login system using the Flask-Login module. This enables you to limit who can make changes to the blog.
  • Testing Blogful. Learn the basics of unit testing a Flask application using unit tests, integration tests, and application-level acceptance tests.

Unit 4 - Flask as an API & course capstone

Concepts covered

Single-page apps, APIs, endpoints, file upload

Project(s) you'll build

  • Tuneful. Using your API building skills, you'll create the backend for a web application. Tuneful, an automatic chord analyzer, will allow you to upload audio files and view the sequence of chords that make up the music.
  • Capstone/MVP. Build an MVP (minimum viable product) of your choosing. Your goal should be to devise a web app with a set of features that allows users to solve a problem. The constraints for this project are high level, and they’re up to you. You’ll work with your mentor to define the overall product you’d like to build, plan a roadmap and get feedback as your build your MVP.
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Classes start every Wednesday

$500 per month
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