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  • Graduate in 6 months
  • Study 20 hours per week
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  • Meet with your mentor daily
  • Structured program
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Scholarships and Diversity

Scholarships for Web Development Bootcamp students.

We're constantly partnering with organizations to offer scholarships for our Web Development Bootcamp. Scholarships cannot be combined with each other or other discounts. These are some of the organizations we've partnered with in the past. If you're interested in becoming a partner and helping underrepresented minorities, contact us.

Girl Develop It logo Github logo Fairygodboss logo Women Who Code logo Black Enterprise logo Lesbians Who Tech logo Power to Fly logo

Diversity scholarship

All self-identifying women and US military members (active or discharged) are eligible for reduced tuition in Thinkful's Web Development Bootcamp. The amount is $100 per month in the Flexible program (typically $600 total), and $300 per month in the Full Time program ($1200 total). Simply enroll for the scholarship to apply.

Payment calculator
Payment plans for our Bootcamps.

Upfront Month to month Skills Fund loan Deferred
How to choose Most affordable Pay as you go Lowest monthly payments For budgets of $500 / month
Paid by you on your start day $8,550 $1,500 $1,500 Not covered by the loan $1,500
Monthly payments - $1,500 for 5 months $248 for 36 months beginning in 3rd month $500 for 18 months
Total cost $8,550 $9,000 $10,428 $10,500
Enroll Enroll Apply to Skills Fund Enroll

Available by application to qualifying US citizens and permanent residents.

Pay as you go
Pay as you go $8,550
Monthly payments -
Total cost $8,550
Month to month
Pay as you go
Pay as you go $1,500
Monthly payments $1,500 for 5 months
Total cost $9,000
For budgets of $1,000 / month
Pay as you go $1,500
Monthly payments $500 for 18 months
Total cost $10,500
Skills Fund loan
Lowest monthly payments
Pay as you go $1,500 Not covered by the loan
Monthly payments $248 for 36 months beginning in 3rd month
Total cost $10,428
Apply to Skills Fund
Available by application to qualifying US citizens and permanent residents.

Loans with Skills Fund are available by application to qualifying US citizens and permanent residents.

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Noel Duarte, Education Advisor

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Noel Duarte, Education Advisor
Questions? We have answers.

Can I finish the Flexible Web Development Bootcamp in less than the recommended amount?

Yes, the program is self-paced, meaning you're able to put in more than the recommended 20-25 hours per week if you'd like. What is most important is that you meet your learning milestones. You and your mentor can work together to set a pace that helps you meet your goals ​while keeping them realistic.

Will I need to purchase any special hardware or software?

Nope! All you'll need is a computer (both PC and Mac are fine) with a reliable Internet connection and webcam. For the iOS mobile development course you'll need a Mac and an iPhone/iPad.

How can I convince my company to pay for a course?

Hundreds of companies sponsor employee education at Thinkful – both for programmers and non-programmers. You should talk to your manager about the benefits of learning to program, including more efficient workflows, improved collaboration between you and your colleagues, and more. We can help you to set up payment in any method that's easiest for your boss (credit card, wire transfer, or check).

Can I combine scholarships with financing?

Yes. Make sure to select your applicable scholarship and payment plan while you're enrolling.

What if I start Thinkful and realize it's not right for me?

You're eligible for a full refund within your trial period. This includes 3 mentor sessions for our Web Development Bootcamp or 1 mentor session for all other courses.

What if I paid upfront or with a loan and I have to withdraw early?

We'll refund any unused months prorated at the monthly rate if you withdraw early, less a cancellation fee of $250.

How do I enroll with a loan?

You can apply for a loan through SkillsFund here. When you enroll, be sure to select “Student loan” as your payment plan. We recommend first applying for a loan before you enroll in our Web Development Bootcamp to ensure that you can fund your program. If you're denied, schedule a call with our Education Advisor to discuss your options.

What if I have bad or no credit?

We've worked with Skills Fund to provide loans to most borrowers. We recommend applying, either alone or with a co-borrower. If rejected, or have no credit, you can still enroll with Deferred Payments.

Can my loan cover the first monthly payment?

No. That has to come out of your own pocket no matter what payment plan you're on.

Can my loan cover non-tuition expenses (e.g. bills, food)?

No. Loans through our partners may only be used to cover Thinkful tuition.

What happens after SkillsFund approves my loan?

Once SkillsFund approves your loan application, it will be sent to our support team for certification. Loans are certified at the end of a student’s first month in the program. This ensures that you’re not on the hook for tuition until it’s clearly the right program for you. After your loan is certified, you’ll receive a consumer disclosure agreement that needs to be signed, and then your loan will be disbursed directly to Thinkful.

When do my loan payments begin?

Your payments to SkillsFund begin at the start of your third month in the program. Use our payment calculator above to determine your monthly payments.

What happens if I use up all of my loan before I’m ready to graduate?

We recommend that students budget for at least six months in the program. That means you should apply for a loan to cover at least five months’ tuition (the first month must be paid out of pocket). If you run out of time on your loan before graduating you have a couple options. You can switch payment plans for the remainder of your time in bootcamp (deferred or monthly). You can also apply for a second loan through SkillsFund, although it must meet their $2,000 minimum. You cannot increase the amount for your existing loan.

What if I graduate early on the loan plan?

That’s awesome! If you complete all of the graduation requirements (including your job-ready portfolio) before you’ve used all of your loan, we’ll refund the remainder to SkillsFund at no penalty to you.

How do I enroll with deferred payments?

When you enroll, be sure to select “Deferred payments” as your payment plan. No need to apply, you can go ahead and get started.

When do my deferred payments start?

Deferred payments begin at the start of your second month in the program. As with all of our payment plans, you’re required to pay the first month in full.

How do deferred payments work?

After your first month in the program, you’ll only pay part of your tuition each month. The full monthly tuition with deferred markup is $1,800 ($1,700 with scholarship). For each month that you’re enrolled in the course (after the first month) you’ll pay $500 of your tuition, while the remainder accrues as a balance on your account. You can check your balance at any time in your settings. At the end of your enrollment, you’ll continue making $500 monthly payments until your balance is paid off. You can also prepay your balance without penalty by reaching out to [email protected].

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