You can work hard and you can work smart. Here, we’re pro-shortcuts, because what’s smarter than getting to your destination in the fastest way possible? We’ve already shared the top ten Sketch shortcuts for product designers, now we’re ready to celebrate intellectual curiosity AND brevity for software engineers.

Here are ten handy Sublime Text shortcuts:

Close current HTML tag

Windows: Alt .

Mac: ⌥ .

Command prompt

Windows: Ctrl Shift P

Mac: ⌘ ⇧ P

Comment/un-comment current line

Windows: Ctrl /  

Mac: ⌘ /

Duplicate line(s)

Windows: Ctrl Shift D

Mac: ⌘ ⇧ D

Go to word in current file

Windows: Ctrl ;

Mac: ⌘ ;

Go to line in current file

Windows: Ctrl G

Mac: ⌘ G

Quick-open files by name

Windows: Ctrl P

Mac: ⌘ P


Windows: Ctrl H

Mac: ⌘ H

Select word

Windows: Ctrl D

Mac: ⌘ D

Toggle side bar

Windows: Ctrl KB

Mac: ⌘ KB

Found this Sublime Text shortcut guide useful? Check back on the blog in the coming weeks for more Alt+ Route shortcuts you should know. If you need more inspiration to start your new career in tech, see how Sam Gould went from being a Priest to Software Engineer at Twitter.

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