Data is king. Utilizing the numbers and turning that information into valuable insights for business is a highly coveted professional skill. Collecting information about day-to-day operations, performance, and customer trends, and turning it into new strategies ensures enhanced growth. Most importantly, analysis of data is required in every industry. Nurses review medicine data administered for the care of patients, gymnasts record how high they jump and how crisp they land, and grocery stores measures vegetable inventory and salad sales to keep churning out fresh produce on the daily.

Interested? Our Data Analytics Immersion course equips you with the skills to launch a high-paying career. Find out below if it’s right for you.

Who this course is for

You don’t need to know coding or hardcore statistics to excel at data analytics – all you need is four months. If you want to help major tech companies thrive year after year with data analysis and you have little to no programming experience, Data Analytics Immersion is perfect for you.

What you’ll learn

Data Analytics in Modern Business: We’ll set the foundation by helping you understand what data is all about. You’ll learn why analysis is so highly valued in modern business, along with a breakdown of all the tools you’ll need to become a successful professional in the field.

Excel Foundations and the Art of Presentation: Excel will be your best friend as a data analyst. You’ll learn formulas, grouping and aggregations, pivot tables, charts, and more. We also dig into the art of the best presentation skills. Know how to work a room.

Databases and SQL: Become fluent in extracting and manipulating data from a database using SQL. You’ll become skilled in working with relational databases and basic querying to be able to source accurate, clean data.

Crafting a Story with Data Using Tableau: Become a pro at data visualization using the industry gold-standard, Tableau. Learn the ropes as you create charts and craft a compelling story.

Deep Dive into Python and Statistics: We’ll teach you the fundamentals of programming in Python so you can talk the talk with engineers. You’ll be equipped to show added value to future employers with your knowledge of data types, application logic, loops, lists and more.

How you’ll learn


The beauty of this course is that you’re able to study and attend classes based on what fits your needs. Learn from anywhere that has (reliable) wifi.

A Structured Schedule

A 50-60 hour a week commitment will enable you to finish the course in four months.

Real-world projects

You’ll create a job winning portfolio of real projects that could be used at real companies. These complex, technical projects will help you shine in interviews.

Course Benefits

One-on-One Mentorship

Not sure if you’re cut out for the course? No worries, you’ll have a skilled data analyst professional helping you every step of the way.

Career Coaching

Our career coaches are dedicated to find you a new career that matches your passions and skills. Learn job searching tips, interview skills, and more.

Our Job Placement Guarantee

If you don't land a qualifying position in tech within six months of graduation, you get your money back. Seriously.

Our Income Share Agreement

You can start our program with no upfront costs. Only pay back your tuition once you land a new career in data analytics.

Art by Jay Quercia and Abbie Winters.

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