Any UX/UI designer worth their user flow knows how important the tools they use every day are. If you want a successful career in product design, mastering the following suite of professional design tools will help you excel. Get to know them, and you've taken the first step towards a job in one of the most interesting, impactful tech fields.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Once you’re a pro product designer and moved on from Photoshop, you should be well-versed in Adobe Creative Cloud's InDesign and Illustrator for producing awesome digital experiences. You’ll have access to fonts, cloud libraries, and tools that are necessary for completing quality work.


Prototyping is a product designers main pastime. With Figma, you’re able to create designs, prototype, and give and receive UI feedback all in one spot, the web browser, making it easy for real-time collaboration.


With InVision, you can produce some of the best user experiences. You’ll create mockups and prototypes that allow for greater customer satisfaction.


If you’re ready to launch animated and interactive user interfaces, Principle is the go-to in the product design industry. If your product ideas are complex, multi-screen visions, then this tool for Macs will set you up for success.


Experienced product designers are best friends with Sketch. For all of your vector graphics editing needs, you’ll bring many creative ideas to life with this tool.

Tools are one thing. If you don't have the skills to use them, you won't be able to create flawless user experiences and interfaces. Check out the five essential tech skills every product designer must have to build winning apps and digital products.

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