If you want a career creating stand-out websites from the ground up, there are several important skills you’ll need to learn. Top tech companies prioritize candidates that possess these core skills. They’re even starting to value on-trend knowledge and experience over formal education like college degrees.

In this post we’ll look at the fundamental skills you’ll need to make it as a professional web designer. We’ll also discuss online web design bootcamps. These intensive education programs teach you career-ready design skills that can help you stand out from the crowd and get hired as a well-paid designer.

Let’s start by understanding the role of a web designer and listing some of the day-to-day tasks that come with the position.

Launch Your Web Design Career

Learn how to design smarter websites from industry professionals, 100% online, with the security of a career guarantee when you graduate.

Essential Tech Skills for Web Designers

Hard skills are the specific technical skills required to work as a professional web designer. Firms look for the following hard skills when hiring for the role:

Soft Skills Required to Become a Web Designer

Web designers rarely work in isolation. You’ll need strong interpersonal and social skills to meet with clients and discuss ideas with team members. Here are some other soft skills you’ll need:

How to Learn the Skills Needed for Web Design

You should now have a good understanding of the many skills required to make it in this industry. The good news is, with a proactive attitude and some determination there are plenty of ways you can get up to speed. Here’s how you can learn core design skills and kickstart your career as a web designer:

Become A Web Designer

The world will always need web designers. Companies understand the importance of building their digital presence and creating a great user experience. If you’re a problem-solver with a creative and artistic mindset, a future in web design is an excellent choice.

Check out our online UX/UI design bootcamp to fast-track your tech career. You’ll benefit from community support and one-on-one mentoring from a leading web designer. Our expert curriculum will teach you everything you need to go from beginner to hired in less than a year.

Alternatively, if you’d like to continue your research feel free to browse our UX/UI design blog. You can learn about the different career options available in UX/UI design (and how much they pay).


Can I learn Web Design on my own?

Yes. Learning Web Design is a continuous process, but one can grasp the basics in months. Usually, it takes about five to six months to learn HTML, CSS and the fundamentals of JavaScript. You will need to spend time on design tools like Photoshop, Sketch, and Mockplus if you wish to make quick progress.

What types of projects would I work on as a Web Designer?

Types of projects web designers often take on are developing login authentication pages or product landing pages, designing sites for local businesses, creating brand logos and coming up with innovative quiz games and puzzles. Honest review sites are also a growing field for Web Designers.

Does Thinkful teach these skills?

Yes, UX Design Bootcamp focusing on the fundamentals that every web designer needs. You’ll learn by making web pages with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and will be able to build powerful single-page web apps with popular front-end frameworks. You’ll also be introduced to data structures and algorithms.

Launch Your Web Design Career

Learn how to design smarter websites from industry professionals, 100% online, with the security of a career guarantee when you graduate.

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