Ever wondered how your favorite products are built? Companies like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all have skilled product managers leading the charge to bring enjoyable user experiences to life. There’s a unique skill set needed to manage full product life cycles, and the demand for skilled professionals in the space continues to skyrocket. To meet this industry need, Thinkful is excited to launch our newest course Product Management Flex. Now, you’ll be able to learn highly sought-after product management skills to position yourself as a leader at the intersection of business strategy, UX design, and user experience.

Who this course is for

If you’re ready to enter the world’s next workforce by managing digital products and their business success, then product management is for you. Product managers focus on product market fit, overall product strategy, and ask the big questions around whether or not what the company is building will solve problems and be enjoyable for users.

This course is for anyone looking to lead. If you want to see products go from ideation to shipped, all while leading the process with communication and technical knowledge, then we’ve got an open spot just for you.

What you’ll learn

Our course covers everything you’ll need to know to become a successful product manager. Subjects include:

Product-Market Fit: Learn widely accepted frameworks for shipping successful products. You’ll also get exposure to multiple product platforms (think: SAAS, Mobile, Games, IoT).

Strategy and Roadmapping: Build a compelling product vision and rollout while collaborating and managing expectations of design, research, and marketing teams.

UX Design and Iteration: Understand your users with qualitative feedback (eg. interviews) and quantitative feedback (eg. surveys, a/b testing) then translate their needs into actionable requirements for your team. You’ll iterate on storyboards, designs, and solutions until your end product is clear and valuable.

Building and Engineering: You’ll become fluent in engineering methodologies, processes and technologies so that you can scope features confidently and efficiently. Knowing engineering architecture and how to maneuver development sprints will be a piece of cake after this course.

Product Support Infrastructure and Nurturing: Know what it takes to support product launches with marketing, pricing, customer support, and privacy/security considerations. And utilize business intelligence and analytics tools to provide insights on what’s going right and what may be going wrong.

How You’ll Learn


The beauty of this course is that you’re able to study and attend classes based on what fits your needs. Learn from anywhere that has (reliable) wifi.

Flexible Schedule

There’s a 15-20 hour a week commitment that will enable you to finish the course in five months.

Real-world Projects

You'll work on a handful of capstone projects that will help translate complex learned skills into interview relevant work.

Course Benefits

One-on-One Mentorship

Not sure if you’re cut out for the course? No worries, you’ll have a skilled product management professional helping you every step of the way.

Career Coaching

Our career coaches are dedicated to finding you a new career that matches your passions and skills. Learn job searching tips, interview skills, and more.

Our Job Placement Guarantee

If you don't land a qualifying position in tech within six months of graduation, you get your money back. Seriously.

Our Income Share Agreement

You can start our program with no upfront costs. Only pay back your tuition once you land a new career in product management.

Art by Jay Quercia and Abbie Winters.

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