All computer software, mobile apps, and websites operate on code. In our current digital age, it’s hard to imagine a world without programming languages. The Internet itself wouldn’t exist without code.

It’s no surprise that talented coders are in high demand by companies large and small, in every industry. Coding offers excellent job security and above-average salaries. A career in coding can also be extremely satisfying. You have the opportunity to create software that can touch thousands of people and make their lives easier.

Now that we've got you motivated, time to get down to business. We pulled together a list of potential coding job titles, as well as some of our pro tips for getting hired. We’ll discuss the skills required for typical coding jobs and cover some study options you might be interested in.

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Learning the above skills will open up a world of different career opportunities. You can take various directions to find your dream coding job. Here are some of the most popular coding roles:

1. Web Developer

A career in web development could encompass many different specialties, including app development, gaming development, front-end or back-end programming. Web development is one of the most in-demand tech fields, and anyone who has solid analytical thinking skills and enjoys solving problems is likely to excel in this role.

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2. Database Administrator

Database Administrators tend to specialize in back-end programming. In this role, you'll be responsible for setting up the systems that house and protect sensitive user data.

3. Software Application Developer

Some Software Engineers choose to focus on app development. If you can build apps for both iOS and Android, you can expect to bring in an even higher salary.

If you think this might be the path for you, here's our advice on how to become a successful App Developer.

4. Computer Systems Analyst

You'll leverage coding and data analysis skills in this growing profession.

5. Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

A sub-specialty within software engineering, QA Engineers have an eye for detail and are great at working within a team.

6. Computer Programmer

Closely related to the role of a Web Developer, the field of programming is expected to grow more quickly than average professions over the next 10 years.  

7. Network System Administrator

Once you learn to analyze data efficiently and pick up a few back-end programming languages, you could become a Network System Administrator.

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